Paragon Health & Fitness Software Package

The latest Paragon software installed onto your own approved device, (includes 12 months email technical support).

Software details

Paragon™ is the latest health and fitness software that can assist in monitoring heart rate and breathing during exercise and other activities to alert to health conditions which cause a sudden change in heart rate. The system is designed to work with many fitness sensors.

The Paragon™ software system consists of two components: a lightweight watch type sensor that communicates via Bluetooth with the Paragon™ Software installed onto your own approved tablet 

The lightweight heart monitoring sensor can be comfortably worn on either the wrist or ankle (for small babies the upper leg) and does not interfere with the user’s sleep.

The sensor constantly monitors the wearer’s heart rate and sends data to the tablet running the Paragon™ Software (which must be in the same room, approximately 1 to 2 meters adjacent to the sensor).

The sensor works by using infrared light technology that detects the blood flow under the skin and transmits this wirelessly via Bluetooth to the tablet, where it is converted by the Paragon™ software to continuously display the wearers heart rate.

Please be aware, if the sensor is removed whilst actively monitoring a person it may not indicate removal and will provide false heart rate information.

The tablet processes this constant flow of data and will raise an alert if the wearer’s heart rate falls outside the normal parameters, which are individually programmed and tailored to each wearer’s unique heart rate.

How to Purchase

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  • Purchase software
  • Arrange setup

Software price – £25 p/m

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There are two items that you will need to purchase to run the Paragon™ health and fitness software. They are a tablet and one of three sensors detailed below:


To do this, you will first need to purchase the following: 

  1. A Lenovo Tab M8 Wi-Fi tablet
  2. Scosche Rhythm24 or WellUe O2Ring or WllUe O2 sensor.

The tablet and the sensor are the only devices that have been tested to work continuously with the Paragon software, if you are unsure, please contact us on  info@aterio.co.uk

Once you have the above devices, all you need to do is go to the Aterio Technologies website www.aterio.co.uk  click on the ‘Purchase Software’ button, complete your details, enter the serial number of the tablet, and make your payment.

Once this step is completed, simply email support@aterio.co.uk  with your order number and they will contact you to agree a convenient time to set up the installation procedure when one of our engineers can log onto your tablet and set the system up for you. They will explain how to use the system and help set up the parameters for you.

You then have 20 days to test out the software and if you are not fully satisfied, email our support dept at support@aterio.co.uk to arrange a convenient time for an engineer to log onto your tablet, remove the Paragon software and reset your tablet. 

If you have any queries or would like additional information, please email info@aterio.co.uk and one our team will be happy to contact you.